Helping Angels

About Us

Our vision is to provide a convenient, friendly and effective Personal Assistant service that customers want to buy year on year.

Promote the service of personal assistants as a viable career option within the employment market.

Develop value and retain the Personal Assistant workforce by providing opportunities for learning and development along with attractive terms and conditions.

Work in partnership with employment initiatives to create opportunities for those seeking employment within the social care sector.

Our Values

Quality care and support delivered by a trained workforce that will empower customers to maintain their own independence,

Protection of customers by ensuring safeguarding is at the heart of our business, and practical handling of risk management,

Innovation to deliver the right service at the right time at the right place,

Workforce using skill, compassion and imagination to provide care and support for all who use the service,

Equality committed to striving for the elimination of inequalities and aims to be both reasonable and just in all its activities and responsibilities. We commit to ensure that all its activities do not discriminate against people on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual identity, religion, impairment and emotional distress.

Effective Communication will be a driving force to ensure together we have a clear direction and plans that meets our customers’ needs.

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