Helping Angels

What we offer

Our quality range of services

Choose from the many options available for boosting overall health and well-being because we care about your care.

Our core values mean that we offer a minimum of 1 hour support.

Our services at a glance

The same Personal Assistant day in day out can offer:

    • Personal Care
    • Support with socialising, meeting people, visiting friends
    • Grocery shopping, – All forms of shopping, including protected online shopping
    • Assisting with going on holiday
    • Assisting with pet care
    • Assisting with hobbies and interests
    • Household cleaning
    • Befriending service
    • Attend sports and social events
    • Help with travel arrangements
    • Help with washing and ironing
    • Help with changing bed linen
    • Meal Preparation
    • Attending concerts and festivals
    • A break for parents and carers
    • Dating
    • Chaperone service
    • Crisis situations, immediate support
    • We offer a same day PA if you find yourself in a crisis situation

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